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Ett politiskt klassrum av Apolonija Šušteršič
Ett politiskt klassrum av Apolonija Šušteršič
A Political Classroom

On until 31.12 2024
The subject is political, a concept that various thinkers understand and describe in very different ways. The political aspect of this classroom is negotiated, and seeks to bring awareness of our responsibility for the society we are continually forming together. Why not question the hegemonic system that’s in place, and think of alternatives that could serve us better? The Political Classroom can be a space for experimentation and trials of ideas, an arena for free thought and creativity that can engage everybody. 

On until 31.12 2024 →
Mining Life

6.10 2023—18.2 2024
Chronos: health, access and intimacy

Opens 14.3 2024


For seven weeks, second year students from the Aesthetics programme at Anna Whitlock's high school investigated artistic expressions through different senses and materials. As part of the project, a workshop was held at Tensta konsthall where the students had to capture sounds from Tensta which were then transformed into abstract ink painting.

They worked also based on olfactory memories interpreted through pattern, color and shape presented in small leporellos. The students then worked on creative work in their art courses at the school, where they were tasked with reformulating an experienced event, from a person's life, into a series and an abstract sculpture. Based on a short interview, the students were given a story to manage and portray. The challenge in the work was to express oneself in form and color – with image sequences and communicating surfaces – beyond the word.

The project will now be presented in an exhibition that runs between February 20 and ends with a finissage on March 5 at 15.00—17.00.

No pre-registration required.


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Welcome to our opening night of Chronos: health, access and intimacy

Opening: Thursday, March 14 at 17.00—20.00

Doors open. Yalla Rinkeby will serve food and fika during the evening in the café.

Director Cecilia Widenheim says welcome, followed by a talk with the curator Olivia Plender and the present artists.

The exhibition takes its point of departure in the architectural practice of Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative– a British group of architects– who in the 1980s and 90s attempted to lay bare the assumptions built into the environments we inhabit. Who is the public space designed for?

Extending this line of thinking, the exhibited works address how lived experiences of disability, chronic illness and other forms of vulnerability present a challenge to normative societal structures; allowing us to question cultural ideas of self-sufficiency and productivity, develop new models for care and interdependence, and change our orientation to time.

Participating artists: Jessie Bullivant, Cecilia Germain, Melanie Gilligan, Goldin+Senneby, Jakob Jakobsen, Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, Park McArthur, Olivia Plender, Ihra Lill Scharning, Vård och värde, and Constantina Zavitsanos.

Curator: Olivia Plender in collaboration with Cecilia Widenheim, Tensta konsthall

The exhibition is produced with support from Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation and the Embassy of Canada to Sweden.

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Tensta konsthall offers free guided tours and workshops for schools in the Järva area, art schools and SFI. Every school holiday, the konsthall organizes creative courses for youth in collaboration with various art schools, writers, artists and others.

University preparation courses and adult courses, YH and art and culture courses are always welcome to book guided tours and workshops.

In mid-March, the exhibition Chronos opens, where about ten artists address questions about health, who the city and the built environment are for. Using moving images, objects, painting, textiles, and text, the functionality, norms, and accessibility are discussed.

This is what Tensta konsthall offers:

School program for Chronos: health, access and intimacy
Available for booking during the period 14.3—1.9 2024

Guided tours (30 min)
During the guided tours, we give a general introduction to the konsthall and/or a viewing of our current exhibition. It's also possible to book a more thematic or in-depth tour.

Workshops (60—90 min)

For elementary and middle school
Body Hand Hope – We explore and take inspiration from the exhibition Chronos and create a physical non-digital series of movement, photo, text and drawings.

For middle and high school and upper secondary school
Posters and Monoprint – We create our own posters with inspiration from the exhibition Chronos, Matrix- Feminist Design Co-operative and Tensta as location and experiment with graphic prints of and in the city.

For junior high school and upper secondary school
Urban sounds, obstacles, and photography – Inspired by the exhibition Chronos and Tensta as a location, participants translate sounds into paintings and work with urban photography.

Guided tour of current exhibition, maximum of 30 people per tour (40 min) – 700 SEK
Guided tour and workshop, maximum of 20 people per session (60—90 min) – 900 SEK

Guided tours are offered within the konsthall's opening hours, Tuesday—Friday 11.00—17.00
Free for schools in the Järva area, art schools and SFI.

For questions about pedagogy and school program:
Book a guirded tour:

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As part of the Chronos exhibition, Helsinki-based artist Jessie Bullivant will deliver a 26-part programme on multiple dates between 14.3—1.9 2024.

All you need to take part is an email address. The programme is delivered over a series of instalments, unfolding through the framework of Tensta konsthall’s public activities. 

Site Specific Illness is an evolving artwork that performs questions about authority, autonomy, and the roles we play within institutions (including the family).

This work is available for remote audiences, and accessible via screen readers.

This programme is free.

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Jessie Bullivant is an artist, occasional writer, and emerging doula. They moved from so-called Australia to Helsinki in 2018 to undertake their Masters studies at the Academy of Fine Art, and have been based there since. Their living and artistic practice is currently funded by the Kone Foundation.

Image: Tensta konsthall's archive
Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

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Always on
Tuesdays and Thursdays, women from the Järva area meet at Tensta konsthall to work with different kinds of crafts. Through joint handiwork, a safe space is made possible where conversation and exchange of experience is at the center. The craftsmanship skills that women in the group already have is amplified up and reinforced by teachers from Hemslöjden and by the other participants. Participants also meet visiting artists and make monthly excursions to Stockholm’s various craft sites, museums, and organizations. Women’s Café is a intimate venue free of constraints, costs, and commercial interests. To participate contact
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Fridays and Sundays we welcome participants to our Language Café, open for those who want to practice their basics in Swedish and Arabic, as well as get to make new friends and share experiences and thoughts. The Language Café particularily welcomes those who, for some reason, stand outside the Swedish educational system. During the meetings, we practice grammar, socialize, read simple books and excersise conversation. We are continuously looking for new volunteers.

Are you interested in joining in?
Contact Fahyma Alnablsi:

During the warm months, the Language Café moves out to our allotment, our outdoor classroom. The Language Café is a part of The Silent University, an autonomous educational platform for asylum seekers, refugees and paperless people initiated by the artist Ahmet Ögüt (

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Our Art porch is open three days a week; Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Come, and you will get the chance to try out multiple textile techniques and make new friends. You don’t need any previous crafting experience. The Art porch is led by pedagogues from Hemslöjden i Stockholms Län (The Stockholm County Crafting) in collaboration with the Women’s Café. We learn from each other. Every summer we chose a special technique or material. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 13—16.
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Citizen to citizen aims to create a meeting place for new arrivals who need support and knowledge about living in Sweden. An advisory activity that can deal with everything from authority contacts and language training, to mediating contact between people with a similar background. Based on the art gallery’s program, the group also meets in joint conversations about art and social issues. Under the direction of Fahyma Alnablsi. For registration and information contact
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FEINART - The Future of European Independent Art Spaces in a Period of Socially Engaged Art The EU-funded project FEINART 2020-2024 includes an extensive collaboration between degree-awarding research centres in political philosophy, art theory and cultural management, and the independent European art sector. It provides the first interdisciplinary and holistic investigation of the democratic role and function of socially engaged art in Europe. 11 researchers are provided with relevant academic and non-academic skills to engage with the challenges of this new artistic and cultural landscape. The responsible universities are Wolverhampton University (UK), Zeppelin University (DE), Edinburgh University (UK) and Iceland University (IS). FEINART - The Future of Independant Art Spaces in a Period of Socially Engaged Art is part of the European Union;s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant. Participating art organisations are Tensta konsthall (SE), The BAK (NL); State of Concept (GR); Vessel (IT); (RO)and Biennale Warsaw (PL).
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Are you a teacher? Welcome with your class to guided tours of our current exhibitions. We offer introductions according to age, as well as workshops. Contact Anna-Stina:
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