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Inauguration of new art in Tensta Subway station

24.5 2024

Inauguration of: Under jorden minns vi himlen
New art at Tensta subway station as part of Helga Henschen's vision.

Date: 24 May at 12.00—14.00
Tensta subway station, Tensta Centrum
Children's choir and opening speech

During the spring of 2024, Askeby School's middle school classes have worked together in a Creative School project with the artist Ylva Westerlund, Eggeby Gård's Nature School and Tensta konsthall. It has resulted in a new work that is part of Helga Henschen's design of Tensta subway station. Helga Henschen wished that children and young people in the area would themselves be able to participate in the vitrines on both sides of the platform.

Within the project, the students have created poetry, drawings, paintings and sculptures. They have studied the birds and been inspired by nature at Eggeby Gård and by Helga Henschen's artistic creations in the subway. The material from the project is the building blocks for the works that Ylva Westerlund has put together in the subway.

The title Under jorden minns vi himlen alludes to the viewer being below ground level. It can be seen as a reply to one of Helga Henschen's pictures in the form of a large oval in blue with white flying birds and the words ESPERANZA (hope) and AMORE (love) that greet you when you as a traveler get off the subway from Tensta Centrum . The title can also be linked to another of Helga Henschen's pictures in the subway, a row of small hedgehogs and the text "Be careful of animals".

“I think that when you get down into the dark, the idea of ​​space and freedom sometimes becomes stronger. One remembers the sky under the earth. Many of the bird species we share our local area with are threatened, perhaps we need to find new ways to strengthen our relationship and knowledge of these species so they don't just remain as memories". - Ylva Westerlund 2024

A big thank you to all the students, teachers and staff at Askebyskolan, the teachers at Eggeby Gårds Naturskola and the artist Ylva Westerlund. Thanks also to Sofia Broman at the traffic administration-Region Stockholm and to Anna-Stina Ulfström at Tensta konsthall who both initiated and was the project manager for the work.