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September Sessions—Artist talk with Oscar Lara

23.9 2023, 14:00— 16:00

Oscar Lara engages in social practices with the aim of finding ways to structural change. By trying out new contexts for culturally charged objects, following people or coveted raw materials in their various routes, processes are set in motion that give rise to new stories. Global patterns begin to emerge through local phenomena. The exhibition, which opens on October 6, is curated by Lisa Rosendahl and will be Lara's most comprehensive to date.

What role do street comedians play in the struggle between authorities and the mining industry? Who are the winners and losers in the tug-of-war with looted art? How did the work with the play (Las seis) comadres de dios come about, a manuscript based on women absorbed in the trafficking industry that arose in connection with the development of the mining communities? What will the audience experience in the exhibition? Moderator: Paulina Sokolow.

This talk is part of the programme September Sessions – read more about September Sessions here.
Oscar Lara