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Staged reading of Comadres De Dios

11.2 2024, 15:00— 17:00

We invite you to a staged reading of Comadres De Dios (Sister of God) in the scenography by Johanna Mårtensson, as part of Oscar Lara’s exhibition Mining Life.

Comadres De Dios is the name of the theatre script, resulting from the project Preventive Custody. Part of the creative team of the project Preventive Custody will engage in an explorative approach to the theatre script; Comadres De Dios, created by Mayra Bastos, Fortunata Cordova, Erika Lima, Corina Lozano, Catalina Pinedo, Karla Requena and dramatised by Eva-Maria Benavente Dahlin.

In Preventive Custody Oscar Lara assembled a transdisciplinary team, including a theatre pedagogue, a writer/researcher, a playwright/dramaturgist, and a scenographer, with the collective aim of providing the conditions for a group of six women, stranded in the toxic networks of the trafficking industry in the illegal mining context of the Peruvian Amazon, could create a theatrical script on any chosen topic. This initiative challenges authorship in the cultural realm and will culminate in a full-scale theatre production in both Sweden and Peru. The resulting script and scenography are showcased in the exhibition Mining Life.

As part of the process towards a theatrical production, parts of the artistic team invite the audience and seven professional actors to participate in a script and space trial. Since the audience is placed in the heart of the action this is a very valuable tryout and we invite attendees to participate with questions and feedback in a subsequent talk with the artist Oscar Lara, the scenographer Johanna Mårtensson and the playwright Eva-Maria Benavente Dahlin.

Actors reading: Pascalle Arias Basualto, Lars Bringås, Sandra Huldt, Nina Jeppsson, Sandra Medina, Eva Rexed and Annika Ryberg Whittembury.

We offer fika. No pre-registration is required.

Date: 11.2 2024
Time: 15.00—17.00

NOTE! The reading is in Swedish.

Image: Preventive Custody by Oscar Lara with scenography by Johanna Mårtensson.
Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.