Friday 24.6
We are closed due to Midsummer's Eve

19.3 - 28.8 2022
Current exhibition - Hurting and Healing: Let’s Imagine a Different Heritage

11.6 2022
Art Saturday - Introductions to the current exhibition every hour

Summer opening hours
Starting 13.6

Starting 13.6
The Art Porch with Anna Nordström

20 - 23.6 2022
Green Summer Camp at Taxingeplan

12.6 - 2021
Tensta's Magical Wormholes by Bella Rune


Friday 24.6, Midsummer's Eve, we are closed 
Open again Monday 27.6 at 11


Summer Opening Hours

Opening hours from 13.6 until 18.8 2022:

Mondag - Friday 11 - 17
Saturday and Sunday closed


Art Porch with Anna Nordström

Tuesday - Thursday 14.6 - 18.8 2022: The Art Porch 
This summer, the Art Porch, our open, recurring activity focusing on crafting, will work on a new cooperative piece in the form of a curtain for the Classroom. During a number of weeks, in a project, lead by the artist Apolonija Šušteršič and under the guidance of the textile artist Anna Nordström, a collective textile work will be created out of fabrics with memories from far and near.

THE CLASSROOM at Tensta konsthall is used daily as a room for homework, for the Language Café and the Women’s café and since many years it has been re-decorated by different artists, as for instance, Olivia Plender and Christian Nyampeta. Drop in. no fees.

Stockholm based Anna Nordström is an artist who graduated from Konstfack in 2012. In her textile practice, she uses traditional as well as self innovated techniques with wich she creates an imagery inspired by classical art history as well as by commercials and everyday signs, public information, digital symbols and from life. Among others, she has exhibited at Hälsinglands museum, London Design Fair and Amala Gallery in Tokyo.


Green Art Camp - Gardening course at Taxingeplan

20 - 23.6 2022 GREEN SUMMER CAMP: Gardening course at Taxingeplan
When: 20-23 June 11-13
Together with our art mediator George Chamoun and special co-star Fahyma Alnablsi, also engaged in Orten Odlar. We learn basics about gardening, seeds, watering, soil and harvesting. A lighter lunch is served. Register to George Chamoun. Where: Taxingeplan, outside Tensta konsthall. Ages: 7-16 years (parents are welcome). The project was realized with the support of Familjebostäder, Stockholmshem and Svenska Bostäder


Art Saturday

Saturday 11.6 2022- Art Saturday - tours and short introductions to our current exhibition all day.  
12 - 17
12: Tensta konsthall opens
-13: Special introduction - Hurting and Healing - cultural heritage and colonialism in the Nordic countries with curator Susanne Ewerlöf
14: Short introduction to all 13 works in the exhibition with curator student from the Royal Academy of Art Katinka Saarnak
15: Introduction in Arabic by Fahyma Alnablsi
15.30: Introduction in Somali by Asha Mohammed
16: The Refugee camp as a cultural heritage, introduction to the major work in the exhibition Refugee Heritage by DAAR (Alessandro Petti & Sandi Hilal) by Paulina Sokolow


Sonic Insurrections with Nombuso Mathibela

26.3 2022 Sonic Insurrections with Nombuso Mathibela 
Sonic Insurrections is a series of public gatherings that present sound and listening as sites of affect, memory, solidarity, pulse, rhythm and spirituality. We delve into sound for its history, situatedness and processes to map out an ‘otherwise’.  
From the standpoint of thinking of ‘an otherwise’ we affirm attempts to undo the definition of heritage as “denoting or relating to special architectural, historical or natural values that are preserved for the nation.” With this definition, we come to notions of heritage as material, historical and as part of world-making and nation-building. However, nation-building is fraught with violence, war and anti-Blackness. If heritage is aligned with this context, what makes connection across borders possible? We do not have exact answers but we sense that music and sound perforate these demarcations allowing connectivity within Black communities and beyond.  


Hurting and Healing: Let’s Imagine a Different Heritage

19.3 - 28.8 2022 Hurting and Healing: Let’s Imagine a Different Heritage
This spring's exhibition at Tensta konsthall poses the following question: How can the understanding of cultural heritage be decolonized by societies and organizations shaped by European knowledge systems? In this project, Charles Esche, director of the Van Abbemuseum and Tensta konsthall engage in dialogue with a number of artworks, artists, researchers and guest curators with the purpose of looking closer at how western-centric perception of cultural heritage can be challenged and redefined.

Opening program Saturday 19.3:
Doors open 12
12 - 14 For children: Watercolor workshop under the guidance of our art mediator George Chamoun
15 Hurting and Healing: Rethinking heritage today. Conversation with the exhibition curator Charles Esche, Tensta konsthall’s curator Susanne Ewerlöf, Alessandro Petti & Sandi Hilal (DAAR), Renzo Martens, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Dina El Kaisy Friemuth and all artists present. In English 
Presentation of the program Sonic Insurrections curated by Tawanda Appiah and Mmabatho Thobejane  
17 Al Madhafah invites you to visit a number of Tensta’s citizens who will open up their homes for the evening. Each host can welcome a small group of guests and will serve tea and delicious vegetarian food. Once there, you will have the chance to see DAAR’s (Sandi Hilal / Alessandro Petti) project Refugee Heritage in the form of unique books that represent the Palestinan villages from which people were expelled in 1948. Please note, to participate you need to register. Send an email to Read more here. 
During the opening Tensta konsthall’s staff is available in the exhibition for spontaneous introductions in Swedish, English, Arabic and Somali. 



Permanently Tensta’s Magical Wormholes  by Bella Rune, 2021
Mobile app, sprayed patterns on asphalt 
Did you notice the five stenciled, spray-painted patterns on the asphalt at Taxingeplan? There’s a simple flower, two doves with a year, a paisley-figure, a tulip-form and an abstract pattern. What you see is Tensta’s Magical Wormholes. For Tensta konsthall, the artist Bella Rune has created five portals into other worlds. Visit the app-store on your cell-phone, download the app Tensta’s Magic Wormholes and follow the instructions.  
In Bella Rune’s project Tensta’s Magical Wormholes, doors open into other worlds and to other ways of perceiving reality. And since Taxingeplan is a highly cosmopolitan place, where many languages are spoken and where there’s room for experiences from all over the world, there’s a good chance of making long distance connections there, maybe even intergalactic ones.  


13.6 – 12.12 2020: The Little Gallery - Body to Body New work by Åsa Norberg & Jennie Sundén
In their practice, the artist duo Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén, unite textile history with pedagogical innovators throughout time. As curious researchers, they dive into different pedagogical worlds of ideas, dealing with the connections between play, democracy and the building of a community as a contrast to authoritarian methods and fixed truths. 



Tuesdays and Thursdays 13:00–16:00 Three times a week women from the Järva area meet at Tensta konsthall to work with different kinds of crafts. Through joint handiwork, a safe space is made possible where conversation and exchange of experience is at the center. The craftsmanship skills that women in the group already have is picked up and the teacher role alternates between the participants. This way, knowledge about techniques such as embroidery, jewelry making, knitting and crochet.


Futures: Katharina Berndt Rasmussen and Moa Bursell

20.11 18:30 Futures: Katharina Berndt Rasmussen and Moa Bursell
Katharina Berndt Rasmussen
Imagine Linda, a business woman with strong anti-racist values. Despite her explicit values, she employs only light-skinned people, with Swedish-sounding names. Can we explain the difference between her explicit values and actual behaviour? A similar situation exists on the social level: Sweden is a liberal democracy with strong, anti-discrimination laws that forbid ethnic discrimination. According to very recent investigations, racist attitudes are on the decline amongst Swedes and a clear majority declare positive attitudes towards multiplicity. However, despite this, statistics indicate a widespread ethnic segregation and discrimination. How can this discrepancy be explained on both the individual and social level?
During the last 10-15 years, social science researchers have identified correlations between discriminating behaviour and so-called implicit prejudices. They have shown that these prejudices can contradict an individual’s explicit values and that they exist in all of us. Research results can contribute to explaining observed ethnic discrimination on the individual level — as in Linda’s case — and on the societal level.
But what should we do, as individuals and in society in general, to counteract our implicit prejudices and their effects? One answer to this question requires a moral philosophical perspective, in addition to the social scientific one. I will talk about moral philosophical questions such as: can Linda really be held responsible for implicit prejudices that she is unaware of? Should we blame or censure her? And how far should we go in our attempts to counteract implicit prejudices? 
Self-presentation: I am a researcher in practical philosophy at the Institute for Future Studies. My areas of philosophical interest include political philosophy, moral philosophy and feminist philosophy. I have previously carried out research on democracy, discrimination, sexism, racism, harm and justice. In my present research I examine the moral philosophical implications that accompany empirical research on implicit bias. I received my PhD in 2013 at Stockholm University, with the thesis Democracy and the Common Good: A Study of the Weighted Majority Rule. The thesis was awarded the Stockholm University Association’s prize for the best thesis in the Humanities at Stockholm University. I am a university instructor, teaching courses in critical thinking, feminist philosophy, modern political philosophy and normative ethics. I am also editorial assistant for Tidskrift för Politisk Filosofi (the journal of political philosophy), a member of SWIP-Sweden (the Society for Women in Philosophy Sweden) and engaged in the public debate concerning issues such as equality, justice and democracy.
Moa Bursell: Can We Counteract Prejudices That We Don’t Know We Have?
Ethnic discrimination creates an unequal access to resources and opportunities. This relates not least to encounters between citizens and authorities, when ethnic background can affect, for instance, a civil servant’s judgement of how social welfare should be distributed or to encounters between employers and job applicants, when the assessment of the applicant’s qualifications or merits can be influenced.
Discriminatory judgements can depend on implicit — that is, unconscious — values that influence individuals without their knowing it. However, there are studies showing that these implicit negative attitudes can be reduced — or alternatively, controlled — at least temporarily through various psychological exercises. But we still don’t know whether these changes are temporary or permanent. Neither do we know if a reduction of implicit negative attitudes or increased control over them has any significant effect on the real assessments and decisions that employers and civil servants make concerning employment or distribution of welfare. I will present existing research in this area and discuss the form in which efforts to counteract unconscious prejudices might take.
Self-presentation: I am a researcher in sociology at the Institute for Future Studies. In 2012 I defended my PhD thesis, Ethnic Discrimination, Name Change and Labour Market Inequality — Mixed Approaches to Ethnic Exclusion in Sweden. I have continued to research ethnic discrimination in the labour market, and on discrimination in encounters between citizens and public institutions.



2018 A series of seminars at Tensta konsthall in collaboration with the Institute for Future Studies, for presentation throughout 2018
Can we be optimistic about the future of the world and mankind? Seldom has this question been so contentious as it is now. On the one hand, infant mortality, poverty and the number of violent crimes and wars in the world have decreased radically, while longevity, literacy, access to education, health care and clean water have increased. On the other hand, we face a serious climate crisis at the same time as several bloody conflicts continue, with consequent untold numbers of people seeking refuge. We are also witnessing a rise in racist and anti-democratic attitudes and movements in many places, and national sovereignty is being challenged by, amongst other things, technological developments that have created new, difficult to decipher infrastructures and new governance structures and processes.


Art Club

Thursdays 15:30–17:00 
In the Autumn of 2017, a new art club was founded at Tensta konsthall through the initiative of a ten-year-old
 art enthusiast from Tensta. The club is for children ages 9–12, and gathers once a week to try out different artistic techniques and materials, meet artists, make excursions and talk about art, always stemming from the current exhibitions. In collaboration with Kulturskolan Järva, membership registration can be made with 


Art Camp

During school breaks Tensta konsthall arranges art camps for children and teenagers, 10–19 years old under the guidance of a professional artist. The art camp may revolve around specific mediums, themes, or the artist’s own practice.


Nordic art network

New nordic network formed to investigate significance of art centers. What is the significance of a place of art? And can it be measured? In our polarized times the function of the small contemporary art institutions as places for critical reflection and exchange of experience is more relevant than ever. But in spite of their critical purpose, these institutions are often underfinanced and their experience ignored. Why?


k.ö.k (Women Desire Collectivity)

Ongoing k.ö.k (Kvinnor önskar kollektivitet – Women Desire Collectivity) experiments with ways to build a feminist institution from within the existing community of The Women’s Centre in Tensta-Hjulsta.


Citizen to Citizen

Tuesdays 12:00–14:00 Citizens to Citizen wants to create a venue for newcomers who need support and knowledge of the community in Sweden. It is an advisory activity that can include everything from government contacts and language training to mediation between people with similar backgrounds. The members of the group also meet in a common conversation about art and social issues. Under the leadership of Fahyma Alnablsi. To participate and for further info, contact


Klister report: Inga undantag (No Exceptions)

Inga undantag (No Exceptions) is the name of a new report authored by Mikael Löfgren and developed by Klister, a nationwide network of small and medium-sized contemporary art centers in Sweden.


Goldin+Senneby in art-agenda

Director Maria Lind in conversation with Goldin+Senneby in art-agenda.


The Art Detectives

Ongoing Under the guidance of artist Pia Sandström and architect Stefan Petersson, students and teachers will become “art detectives” and set off in search of art works at their own schools—in the cafeteria, the corridors, the basement, the staff room, or the schoolyard. Have we seen these works of art before? How long have they been here? Who are the artists behind them? What is our relationship to them?



What do a fishy offshore company, secret artists, a ghost writer and French philosophy have in common? No connections are inconceivable in the recently published thriller Headless. The novel is published by Tensta konsthall, Triple Canopy (New York) and Sternberg Press (Berlin) and forms the final phase in a nine year-long performance on state sovereignty, surveillance and strategies for withdrawal, initiated by the artist duo Goldin+Senneby.


Ongoing Tensta konsthall's new website and a communication strategy is specific for the art space and its program. Design by Amsterdam-based design studio Metahaven.


Art and the F Word: Reflections on the Browning of Europe

Focusing on the alarming spread of fascism in Europe, the various contributions in the book Art and the F Word: Reflections on the Browning of Europe indicate the power of art to imagine futures beyond the present situation and what can be perceived as irrevocable. Contributions from the cultural critic Boris Buden, the curators Jelena Vesic and Barnabas Benczik, and the artists Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Petra Bauer create and formulate resilient and constructive possibilities for artistic and social work. The language of politics and philosophy are examined, but also populistic tendencies, social contexts, media, science, and aesthetics.


The Silent University: Swedish Language Café

Fridays and Sundays 14:00–17:00 

Every Friday and Sunday afternoon a Language Café led by Fahyma Alnablsi will be arranged. The Language Café welcomes those who wish to learn the basics of the Swedish and Arabic language, meet new friends and share experiences and ideas. Especially welcome are those students who are currently outside the Swedish education system while awaiting asylum. During the meetings we will practice grammar, socialize, read simple books and do conversational exercises. This fall we are looking for Swedish-speaking volunteers. If you are interested in participating, contact


Homework assistance Individuell människohjälp

Every Wednesday 16:30–18:30 Since the 1990s Individuell människohjälp (IM) has arranged Homework Assistance at Tensta Library. During the autumn the activities also take place at Tensta konsthall. Volunteers provide additional support for school work, primarily for children and youth in the area. From the start, the purpose of Homework Assistance has been to promote education on an equal basis, regardless of native language. Homework assistance is aimed at young people in the neighborhood aged 11–20 years and takes place in The Classroom in the art space.


The Silent University

The Silent University is initiated by artist Ahmet Ögüt and started in Stockholm as part of Tensta Musuem: Reports from new Sweden fall 2013. The Silent University is an autonomous knowledge exchange platform by and for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants who have had a professional life and academic training in their home countries, but are unable to use their skills or professional training in Sweden due to a variety of reasons related to their status. The Silent University aims to address and reactivate the knowledge of the participants and attempt to make systemic failure apparent.


Parents group with Rädda Barnen

One Tuesday a month 17:30–19:30 Parents group with Rädda Barnen. One Tuesday evening every month Rädda barnen (Save the Children) organizes Parenting Forum at Tensta Konsthall. The Rädda barnen parents group meets at Tensta konsthall, providing a place for parents to meet, have discussions, and gain new experiences and knowledge. The meetings are free with complimentary refreshments. Each session focuses on different themes, such as the housing situation in Järva, local politics, or parenting and gender equality, and invited guests offer expertise in the different subjects.



Ongoing Cluster is a network of eight internationally operating contemporary visual art organisations situated in residential areas on the peripheries of major European cities (plus one in Holon, an industrial zone outside of Tel Aviv). Each of these organisations are actively involved in their local contexts, fostering their embeddedness within their surroundings.



Ongoing from September 2012 The network Klister is a nationwide network for small and medium-sized contemporary art institutions in Sweden. Klister seeks to highlight the role of smaller contemporary art institutions in society.


The Sibling Art Centers

Ongoing The network of sibling art centers in Stockholm. The Sibling Art Centers form a network of smaller contemporary art centers in Stockholm and include Botkyrka konsthall, Konsthall C, Marabouparken and Tensta konsthall.  The art centers meet regularly to exchange ideas and organize events that are pertinent to cultural policies. In 2012, the Sibling Art Centers arranged a series of hearings to highlight and discuss the prevailing cultural policies as well as art institutions and artists' access to financing. Questions about gentrification and "creative industries" continue to be hot topics when the Siblings Art Centers meet.



2012–2014 Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht, Tensta konsthall, Stockholm, and The Showroom, London are pleased to announce the launch of the two-year project COHAB that investigates meaningful ways in which artists and organisations can be deeply invested within their local contexts and at the same time form close dialogues in an international arena.


The New Model

2011– Lars Bang Larsen, Magnus Bärtås, Ane Hjorth Guttu, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Hito Steyerl. Started in 2011 at Tensta konsthall, over a period of two years, The New Model will investigate the heritage from The Model: A model for a qualitative society in a number of projects, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. Participants will include Lars Bang Larsen, Magnus Bärtås, Ane Hjorth Guttu, Dave Hullfish Bailey and Hito Steyerl.


The Fashion Project

From March 2012 In this project fashion is placed into a wider context, focused on identity and networking for women.



Ongoing Our café serves food and sweets with inspiration from all over the world. We have free wifi for guests, toys for the children, and Swedish and international art magazines to read.


Gallery Club

Ongoing In the spring of 2011 Konsthallsklubben (Gallery Club) was initiated by a group of 11 year-old girls from a nearby school. The club is aimed at children, 10-13 years old, who meet once a week to discuss and make art together with invited artists and staff.


Gunilla Klingberg: Brand New View—Tensta

Ongoing Gunilla Klingberg’s work on the two front windows of Tensta Centrum, Brand New View—Tensta, is a new work in a series of installations with cut-out foil on windows. For Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies 
she has made a new version of Brand
 New View, this time relying on logos found in Tensta Centrum, for example, 
the grocery store Matvärlden and the kebab restaurant Tasty Fried Chicken.


Tommy Støckel: Workshop with Ross Tensta Gymnasium and KTH Tensta

Ongoing The results from the workshop that the artist Tommy Støckel held in December 2011, together with students from Ross Tensta gymnasium and KTH Tensta in conjunction with Tensta konsthall are exhibited in Ross Tensta Gymnasium’s conservatory. The workshop was carried out during Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies, where Tommy Støckel partook with the piece In My Mind This Goes On Forever (2012).


Spatial Concept: Nikolaus Hirsch

Ongoing The spatial concept for the new Tensta konsthall has been developed by architect Nikolaus Hirsch. Architect Filippa Stålhane has developed the details.


book shop

The book shop at Tensta konsthall offers a wide selection of art books and publications. In the web shop, you can find books Tensta konsthall has been involved in publishing.

To order:

Title: Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden
Language: English
Price: SEK200 
Editor: Maria Lind
Writers: Beatrice von Bismarck, Boris Buden, Emily Fahlén, Mark Fisher, Emily Pethick and Christina Zetterlund
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Design: Metahaven
Year: 2021
Pages: 224
Price: SEK 200

Title: The New Model: An Inquiry
Language: English
Price: SEK200
Editors: Maria Lind and Lars Bang Larsen
Writers: Magnus Bärtås, Ane Hjort Guttu, Palle Nielsen, Hito Steyerl, Gunilla Lundahl, Lars Bang Larsen and Maria Lind 
Design: Metahaven
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Year: 2020
Pages: 176
Price: SEK200

Title: Migration: Traces in an Art Collection
Language: Swedish and English editions 
Editors: Maria Lind and Cecilia Widenheim
Writers: Ernst Fischer, Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, Maria Lind, Cecilia Widenheim, Joanna Warsza, among others
Publisher: Sternberg press
Design: Lisa Olausson
In cooperation with Malmö Konstmuseum
Year: 2020
Pages: 320
Price: SEK250 
Titel: Red Love: A Reader on Alexandra Kollontai / A Play by Agneta Pleijel
Language: English
Editors: Maria Lind, Joanna Warsza, Michele Masucci
Writers: Bini Adamczak Sara Ahmed, Petra Bauer & Rebecka Thor, Dora García, Michael Hardt, Agneta Pleijel, Nina Power, Paul B. Preciado, Alla Mitrofanova, Aaron Schuster, Oxana Timofeeva together with participants from  CuratorLab
Design: Jiri Adamik-Novak
Year: 2020
Pages: 511
Price: SEK200

Title: The Silent University: Towards a Transversal Pedagogy
Language: English
Price: 200 kr
Editors: Florian Malzacher, Ahmet Öğüt, Pelin Tan
Writers: Florian Malzacher, María do Mar Castro Varela, Chantal Mouffe, Ahmet Öğüt, Rubia Salgado, Pelin Tan, and the Silent Universities in Amman, Athens, Hamburg, London, Mülheim/Ruhr, and Stockholm
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Year: 2016
Pages: 140

Title: No Exceptions
Language: Swedish
Price: 180 kr
Writer: Mikael Löfgren
Publisher: Nätverkstan Skriftseerie 008
Year: 2014
Pages: 147

Title: Standard Length of a Miracle
Language: Swedish, English, Arabic
Price: 20 kr
Writer: Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Publisher: Tensta konsthall
Year: 2016
Pages: 9

Title: Headless
Language: English
Price: 200 kr
Author: K.D.
Writer: Alexander Provan
Publishers: Sternberg Press, Tensta konsthall, Triple Canoty
Year: 2015
Pages: 348

Title: Art and the F Word: Reflections on the Browning of Europe
Language: English
Price: 200 kr
Editors: Maria Lind, What How & for whom/WHM
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Writers: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Petra Bauer, Sofia Wiberg, Barnabás Bencik, Boris Buden,
Maria Lind och Tensta konsthall, Jelena Vesic´, What How & for Whom/WHM
Year: 2014
Pages: 329

Title: Cluster: Dialectionary
Language: English
Price: 150 kr
Editors: Binna Choi, Maria Lind, Emily Pethick, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez
Writers: Can Altay, Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri, Ricardo Basbaum, Céline Condorelli, Mark Fisher, Nina Möntmann, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Elain W.HO, Annette Krauss, Mattin, Marion Von Osten, Andrea Phillips, Dimitriana Sevova, Simon Sheikh and Steven ten Thije
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Year: 2014
Pages: 30

Title: Undoing Property?
Language: English
Price: 120 kr
Editors: Laurel Ptak, Marysia Lewandowska
Writers: Agency, David Berry, Nils Bohlin, Sean Dockray, Rasmus Fleischer, Antonia Hirch,
David Horvitz, Marysia Lewandowska, Mattin, Open Music Archive, Matteo Pasqyinelli, Clair Pentecost, Laurel Ptak, Florian Schneider, Matthew Stadler, Marilyn Strathern, Kuba Szreder, Marina Vishmidt
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Year: 2013
Pages: 249

Title: No is Not an Answer: On the Work of Marie–Louise Ekman
Language: English
Price: 350 kr
Editors: Tone Hansen, Maria Lind
Writers: Silvia Eiblmayr, Maria Lind, Kalliopi Minioudaki, Katarina Wadstein Macleod
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Year: 2013
Pages: 285

Title: Contemporary Art and its Commercial Markets: A Report on Current Conditions and Future Scenarios
Language: English
Price: 200 kr
Editors: Maria Lind, Olav Velthuis
Writers: Stefano Baia Curioni, Karen van den berg/ursula pasero, Isabelle Graw,
Goldin+Senneby, Noah Horowitz, Suhail Malik/Andrea Philips, Alain Quemin, Olav Velthuis
Publisher: Tensta Konsthall, Sternberg Press
Year: 2012
Pages: 270

Title: Performing the Curatorial: Within and Beyond Art
Language: English
Price: 200 kr
Editors: Maria Lind
Writers: Johan Öberg, Doug Ashford, Beatrice von Bismarck, Boris Buden, Clémentine Deliss, Helmut Draxler, Eungie Joo and Marion von Osten
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Year: 2012
Pages: 162

Title: The Day I am Free
Language: English
Price: 200 kr
Editors: Lawen Mohtadi, Maria Lind
Writers: Lawen Mohtadi, Maria Lind, Katarina Taikon
Publisher: Stenberg Press
Year: 2019
Pages: 327



Tensta konsthall is an art center in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta. Founded through a grassroots initiative in 1998, it is known to combine a high-profile program of international contemporary art with an ambition to be a palpable presence in the neighborhood. 

Tensta konsthall
Taxingegränd 10
Box 4001
163 04 SPÅNGA

T: +46 8 36 07 63

Tensta konsthall is a private foundation organization with number: 802409-6110.

Opening hours

Summer opening hours
Monday - Friday 11 - 17
Saturday and Sunday closed
(Starting from 13.6 2022)

Free entrance. Voluntary donation.

We do custom tours for elementary school to high school aged groups. Pre-booked tours during the day for schools are free. The tour takes about 50 minutes.

Tensta konthall offers guided tours of current exhibitions for large groups such as arts organizations, businesses or private groups. Tours are offered in Swedish and English. Cost is 2000 SEK + voluntary entrance donation. Length is about 50 minutes and maximum number of participants is 30.

We serve coffee and tea. At the moment, there are no lunches served. 

For reservations and more information about tours contact us at 08-36 07 63 or

Take the blue line metro towards Hjulsta (line 10) and get off at Tensta. The ride takes about twenty minutes from Stockholm's Central Station (T-Centralen). At the metro station in Tensta, take the rear exit called ”Spånga kyrka / Tensta Centrum / Tenstastråket”. Once you have left the station through the ticket barrier, there are two possibilities to get to Tensta konsthall: Use the lift on your right hand side down to Taxingeplan. Tensta konsthall is located about 20 metres on your right. Or leave the metro station on your left hand side, take the first left again. Go down the wooden stairs. Tensta konsthall is located directly on your right.

Wide doors and openings
Wheelchair ramp to the entrance
Large toilet with changing table


Cecilia Widenheim, director
cecilia (at)

Didem Yildirim, producer 
didem (at)

Fahyma Alnablsi, reception & teaching
fahyma (at)

Susanne Ewerlöf, curator
susanne (at)

George Chamoun, art mediation
george (at)

Muna Al Yaqoobi, assistance the Women's Cafe
muna (at)

Paulina Sokolow, communicator
paulina (at)

Karin Lekberg (head of board)

Carolina Frände

Nabil Belkacem

Anna Kettner

Birgitta Rydell

Mats Ohlén

Samira Boubana

Åsa Mårtensson

Bouabana Samira

Tensta konsthall is supported by Stockholm City, Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm.

Privacy policy and processing of personal data

The new data protection regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force 25.5 2018. With regards to the implementation of the new law we have updated our privacy policy considering the processing of personal data (for example names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, audio and video recording and images).

The handling of certain personal data is necessary for Tensta konsthall in order to reach out with newsletter or press releases to interested parties. The data we collect so that you can receive our newsletter is your email address. We do not use your personal data for anything other than our legitimate interest to inform you about the activities at Tensta konsthall, through our official communication channels such as our website, newsletter and social media. Your personal data will not be transferred to any third party. We will store your personal data in our register until you opt out.

To process bookings of venues and of services, for example guided tours or workshops, some personal data need to be collected and stored until the service has been completed. The collection of your personal data is necessary in order for us to fulfil our engagements according to the service agreement. If the information cannot be provided we could not carry out the service and would then have to deny you the given service.

Apart from the data you yourself provide we may gather other personal data in connection to documentation of our activities and events. The personal data we then may come to gather are photographs and also audio and video recordings. Should this happen we will make this clear and careful to make sure there is consent from the involved parties concerning collection and distribution of material on our website and social media. We will not save our share material unless consent is not given.

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Contact us about data protection

At any point you can request that we change incorrect details or remove your personal data from our register. If you have any queries please contact


This privacy policy is a living document in which the content may change. The latest version will always be available on Tensta konsthall’s website. The privacy policy was last updated 9.8 2018





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11.6 - 15.11 2020

Body to Body:
Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén

Body to Body: Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén

Body to Body
Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén

11.6 - 15.11 2020
This summer, Tensta konsthall’s Small gallery is transformed into a temporal classroom or meeting spot. Among the ”guests”, visitor will find figures from the history of pedagogy. Applied on textiles, they inhabit the the room with their individual expressions and together they form an encounter with teachers and theoreticians discovered by the artists through various sources, contexts and periods of time. The works thematize the links between learning, knowledge and creativity and all our senses as well as their importance to our ability to understand the world, ourselves and how everything is connected. 



26.5 We are Closed
Due to Swedish Holiday

Closed May 20-22
Tensta konsthall visits Jokkmokk

May 1 - We are closed
Opens again May 3.

Holidays are coming
Our Opening Hours

11.5 2022
A Different Look at… Frescati

13.4 2022
Sonic Insurrections with EMBASSY

Saturday 19.3 at 17
Al Madhafah - Livingroom

Saturday 26.3
26.3 2022 Sonic Insurrections with Nombuso Mathibela

We are closed
New opening 19.3 2022

New Exhibition Opening 29.10
Phantoms of the Commons–Tensta konsthall Open Call

24.12 - 9.1 2022
Holiday Opening Hours

25 - 2.2 2022
Baba Karam - Dance away at Tensta konsthall

1 - 5.11 2021
Fall break: Design Course with Beckman School of Design

We are rehangning a new exhibition
Preliminary opening 29.10 2021

Applications accepted until 5.9 2021
Tensta konsthall open call - the jury

20 - 22.8 2021
Workshop with Bella Rune and Shadhin Kamruzzaman

Deadline 5.9 2021
Invitation to open call

12.6 - 20.8 2021
Aktion Taxingeplan - We are moving outdoors!

12.6 - 20.8 2021
Ângela Ferreira: Talk Tower for Forough Farrokhzad

We are open!
Fri - Sun until 9.5

25.9 2020 - 9.5 2021
Re-opening - Åke Hodell: Resistance. Opening hours

8.5 2020 17 - 19.15
Automatization - An online event

Re-opening 10.4
Friday – Sunday 11 – 17

Submission until 15.1
Tensta konsthall Text Prize 2020

Until 9.5 2021
The Lesser Amman Library

Saturday 24.10
Tensta konsthall closes at 15:00

25.9-27.9 2020
Opening Weekend Åke Hodell–Resistance

22 + 23.8 2020
Last Week of Michael Rakowitz: The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist (Room G) - Ending 23.8.

Summer 2020
Opening hours. Until 31.8

Friday 19.6
Midsummer Eve we are closed

Saturday 13.6 13 - 17
Opening of Body to Body, Åsa Norberg & Jennie Sundén and reopening of Michael Rakowitz

European Training Network FEINART
Doctoral programme in the area of socially engaged art

Wednesday 17.6 18:00
Bookrelease – Migration: Traces in an Art Collection

Fridays from 26.6
Art Fridays for children and young adults

We are closed
Due to current circumstances

Saturday and Sunday 14-15.3

Thursday 12.3
Concerning the corona virus: We are open today 12.3

Tuesday 21.1 17:30
Artist talk at Konstfack: Jumana Manna

22.1-24.5 2020
Jumana Manna:Wild Relatives

Tuesday 7.1
Open until 5PM

24 - 28.2 2020
Winter Break Fashion Camp

Saturday 22.2
Seed Run at Tensta konsthall

Opening hours during Christmas holidays

Tuesday 14.1 13:30 - 15:00
Try-Out-Yoga with Ulrika Hedlund

17.10 2019–19.01 2020
Sites of the Future

Sunday 5.1, 13:00
Introduction to Sites of the Future
by Maria Lind

Tuesday 15.10, 17:00
Role Play & Radical Pedagogy
Film Screening and Discussion

Sunday 29.12, 13:00
Artist presentation: Enno Hallek

Tuesday 12.11, 18:00
Everybody’s House in Hjulsta-Tensta

Sunday 3.11, 13:00
Artist talk with Enno Hallek

Wednesday 27.11, 18:00
Screening: Hold Hold Fire by Olivia Plender

Tuesday 26.11 18:00
Fallow: Seminar with Åsa Elzén

Wednesday 16.10, Thursday 28.11
Role play Workshop:
The Komtemåtta Citizens’ Assembly

Migration: Traces in an Art Collection

CuratorLab public program

24.8 12:00-16:00
Orten Odlar: Allotment Festival

On Allomorphing: Anna Daučíková

Wednesday-Friday 26.6–9.8, 13:00-16:00
Art Porch

Monday–Friday 12.8–16.8, 10:00–16:00
Woodwork Camp
with Ockie Basgül Dogan

Three Sisters:
Tanja Muravskaja

Tisdag 12.3, 18:00–20:00
Workshop: Taboos and
self-censorship in literature

Thursday 21.3, 18:00
Screening: Workers!
by Petra Bauer and SCOT-PEP

Tuesday 26.3
Artist Presentation Søssa Jørgensen
and Geir Tore Holm
– Stream ripple – Our Inner River

Friday 5.4
Walk along Igelbäcken with the artists
Søssa Jørgensen and Geir Tore Holm

Thursday 28.3, 14:00–17:00
Writing Workshop with Alva Uddenberg
and Tone Schunnesson

Tuesday 2.4, 18:00
Artist Presentation: Olivia Plender

Saturday 30.3, 12:00
The first seed pop-up in Järva

Tuesday 5.2, 15:00
Let the River Flow –
artist presentations

Tuesday 12.2, 18:00
Gunvor Guttorm on duodji

Thursday 21.2, 14:00
Artist presentation:
Tanja Muravskaja on Three Sisters

Tuesday 5.2, 18:00
Lecture: Ebba Johannesson
and Anne-Marie Karlsson on
Fogelstad Women’s Citizenship School

Tuesday 26.2
Lecture: Katarina Pirak on
Julevädno – The Lule River

Art Camp –
Between two and three dimensions

30.10–13.1 2019
Cosmism: Anton Vidokle,
Arseny Zhilyaev

30.10 2018–13.1 2019
The Final (Crime Weekly): housing piffle
with Leif PG Tensta: Bernd Krauss

9.12–13.1 2019
My Room is Another Fishbowl:
Philippe Parreno

7.2–13.1 2018
Art Treasures: Grains of Gold
from Tensta’s Public Schools

1.6 2018–13.1 2019
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

Tuesday 18.12
Conversation with the Tensta Profile
Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado about
El Complejo and the current research to Chile – At ArkDes

Wednesday 19.12
Screening at Zita: Tensta konsthall–
Today and in the Future

The Whittling Guild– come and carve with us!

Thursday 27.12
Screening in the Classroom:
Sometimes it was Beautiful
by Christian Nyampeta

Friday 28.12
Screening in the Classroom:
Anywhen by Philippe Parreno

Wednesday 12.12
The Tensta konsthall Text Prize 2018
Reading with the winners at ArkDes

Thursday 6.12 12:00- 13:00
Dreams of a quarter and the organizing of women

Wednesday 28.11 13:00
Producer Hanna Nordell introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

Wednesday 28.11 17:30
Screening at Stockholm’s Museum of Ethnography: Christian Nyampeta’s new film Sometimes It Was Beautiful

Thursday 29.11 14:30–17:30
For whose body is the city created?
A workshop on intersectional urban planning

Saturday 1.12 13:00–17:00
Your application to higher art education – how to do it!
Introductory course in contemporary art with Makda Embaie

Introductory course
to contemporary art

Saturday 17.11 13:00-17:00
Introductory course to contemporary art:
Writing with Makda Embaie

Tuesday 20.11 18:30–20:30
Do you have prejudice?
An evening with the Institute for Futures Studies

Saturday 24.11 16:00
Premiere Screening in Hallstavik: Christian Nyampeta’s new film Sometimes It Was Beautiful

Tuesday 13.11 17:00–19:00
Book release Ane Hjort Guttu:
Writings, Conversations, Scripts

Thursday 8.11 14:00
Unique art tour at
Enbacksskolan and Gullingeskolan

Tuesday 13.11 18:00-19:00
Seminar - What Does a Museum Do?

Wednesday 14.11 13:00
Producer Hanna Nordell introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

Saturday 3.11 13:00–17:00
Introductory course to contemporary with
Sara Brolund de Carvalho

Thursday 1.11 14:00
Conversation on Cosmism

Wednesday 17.10 13:00
Public introduction to
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

29.10–2.11 10:00–16:00
Drawing and Painting Course

Saturday 13.10 13:00
A Different Public Room – KITH on self organizing
and society building

Report: Agencies of Art

Red Love: Dora García

A Wall Becomes A Table With
Candlestick Legs: Anne Low

Space: Tyler Coburn

18.9 14:30
Textile historic lecture
by Ulla-Karin Warberg

21.9 10:00–17:30
Symposium: Large-Scale Housing Projects as
Productive Space in Literature and Culture

22.9 12:00
Host Rasmus Sjöbeck introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

Thursday 27.9 14:00
Costume history by
Charlotte Hellsten Husman from
Stockholm County Museum

Sunday 30.9 12:00–15:00
Vegan brunch – Café Auel

22.9 13:00–17:00
Introductory course to contemporary art
with Ylva Westerlund

22.9 17:00–19:00
Public reading by Agneta Pleijels play
on Aleksandra Kollontai

8.9 13:00–17:00
Cut out, paste – Workshop
with Beckmans Collage of Design

8.9 12:00
Host Rasmus Sjöbeck introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

8.9 13:00–16:00
The Women’s Café visits
Tensta Museum Branch
at ArkDes

11.9 18:30
Futures: Katharina Berndt Rasmussen
and Karim Jebari

12.9 12:00
Production coordinator Didem Yildrim
introduces Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

15.9 13:00
Walk in Tensta with
Erik Stenberg

Opening hours
during summer

22.8 12:00
Erik Stenberg Introduces
his Tensta Archive

24.8 14:00
Walk on the Järva Field
with Mats Adelman
and Ylva Westerlund

25.8 12:00
Host Rasmus Sjöbeck introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

26.8 12:00–15:00
Vegan brunch

29.8 12:00
Production Coordinator Didem Yildrim
introduces Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

1.9 12:00
Emily Fahlén and Magnus Bärtås
introduce their works in the
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

31.8 14:00
Arts and Literature walk
in Tensta with Hanna Nordell

Closed for the day

Art Porch

Art Camp: Pattern with
weave and natural dye,
with Friends of Handicraft’s School

9.8 14:00
Communicator Isabella Tjäder
introduces current projects

11.8 12:00
Host Rasmus Sjöbeck introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

18.8 14:00
Assistant Fredda Berg
introduces current projects

15.8 12:00
Producer Hanna Nordell introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

16.8 14:00
Mediator Nina Svensson
introduces current projects

11.8 14:00
Assistant Fredda Berg
introduces current projects

Tensta Museum: Continues
Pinar Ögrenci's Mawtini

2.8 14:00
Producer Hanna Nordell
introduces current projects

18.8 14:00
Assistant Nawroz Zakholy
introduces current projects

7.7 14:00
Assistant Fredda Berg
introduces current projects

12.7 14:00
Assistant Fredda Berg
introduces current projects

14.7 12:00
Host Karolin Grahn introduces
Tensta Museum Branch
at ArkDes

14.7 14:00
Language Café leader
Fahyma Alnablsi
introduces current projects

18.7 12:00
Assistant Makda Embaie introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

19.7 14:00
Artist presentation
with Tyler Coburn

21.7 14:00
Assistant Fredda Berg
introduces current projects

26.7 14:00
Assistant Nawroz Zakholy
introduces current projects

28.7 12:00
Host Rasmus Sjöbeck introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

28.7 14:00
Assistant Fredda Berg
introduces current projects

20.6 12:00
Hanna Nordell introduces
Tensta Museum Branch
at ArkDes

21.6 14:00
Didem Yildrin Introduces
Current Projects

28.6 14:00
Producer Hanna Nordell
Introduces Current Projects

30.6 14:00
Assistant Fredda Berg
Introduces Current Projects

30.6 12:00
Assistant Makda Embaie Introduces
Tensta Museum Branch at ArkDes

4.7 12:00
Production Assistant
Didem Yildrim Introduces
Tensta Museum Branch
at ArkDes

5.7 14:00
Erik Stenberg Introduces
his Tensta Archive

5.7 14:00
Communicator Isabella Tjäder
Introduces Current Project

11.6–15.6, 10:00–15:00
Art Camp:
Paper, Pen and Brush
– Tell Your Own Story

16.6 13:00–17:00
Sculpture Workshop
with Artist Nina Svensson

16.6 13:00–15:00
Architecture Walk in Tensta
with Erik Stenberg

19.6 14:00
Arts and Literature walk in Tensta
with Emily Fahlén

What Does Camaraderie Do?:
Film screenings with Eric Baudelaire,
Chto Delat?, and Otolith Group,
curated and introduced by Azar Mahmoudian

Closed – Rehanging

17.5, 14:00
Artists' Introduction:
Dora García and Pinar Ögrenci

16.5 11:00–19:00
Red Love: CuratorLab contributions

5.2–27.4 2018
Dates spring 2018

14.5 14:00–17:00
Reading Alexandra Kollontai:
Oxana Timofeeva

19.5 12:00–18:00
Red Love: CuratorLab contributions

Last chance:
Osías Yanov on Space

Opening Hours During Easter

Anne Low at
Sorunda Folkets Hus

19.4 14:00
Introduction to Current Exhibitions by
Maria Lind and Sorawit Songsataya

20.3 18:30
Metahaven and
Benjamin Bratton

10.4 18:30
Seminar Series
Futures: Bi Puranen
and Pontus Strimling

14.4 13:00–16:00
Anne Low at
Sorunda Folkets Hus

22.3 18:30
Karim Jebari
and Ahmet Ögut

19.4 18:30
Seminar Series
Massimiliano Mollona

21.4 13:00–14:00
Walk in Tensta
with Erik Stenberg

23.2 11:45–15:00
And all is yet to be done
– Reading Aleksandra Kollontai

k.ö.k. – women desire collectivity

8.3 14:00, 10.3 14:00
Monika Wallin introduces
Art Treasures: Grains of Gold
from Tensta’s Public Schools

6.3 18:30
Seminar: What does
artistic research do?

25.2 13:00–16:00
Workshop with Taus Makhacheva

26.2–2.3 10:00–15:00
Art camp: A Patterned World
with Konstfack Textiles

7.2 12:00–17:00
A Fiesta of Art

13.1 2018 14:00–15:30
Artist tour: Måns Wrange
presenting Magic Bureaucracy

Last chance 14.1 2018
New Eelam by Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Last chance 14.1 2018
Magic Bureaucracy by Måns Wrange

Last chance 14.1 2018
Welfare Panels: The Pre-Fabricated
Structural Systems of the Swedish
Million Program Era in an International
Context by Erik Stenberg, Helena Westerlind,
Pedro Ignacio Alonso,
Hugo Palmarola, and José Hernández

Space: The Annotated Friends of
Interpretable Objects
by Mariana Silva

Tensta museum: Continues
fall 2017

Wednesday 6.12, 15:00–17:00
Acts of Solidarity:
Statements and Consequences
with Håkan Thörn and Julia Willén

Wednesday 22.11, 13:00–16:00
Standardization, Systems, and the Citizen
in Global and Globalized Housing
With Erik Stenberg, Helena Westerlind,
and Hugo Palmarola

Wednesday 22.11, 19:00
When Sweden Became Contemporary
by the critic Anders Olofsson

Tuesday 7.11, 19:00–21:00
On Curating and Being Curated –
Examining Power, Responsibility
and Care within the Curatorial

Wednesday 15.11, 14:00–21:00
Citizenship, the Nation State
and Universal Basic Income:
Scenarios in Art, Architecture,
Anthropology and Sociology
With Christopher Kulendran Thomas,
James Holston, Jennifer Mack and Roland Paulsen

Wednesday 11.10, 19:00
Conversation between Måns Wrange and Nina Möntmann

Saturday 21.10, 14:00
Walk in Tensta: Welfare Panels:
Building Systems of the Swedish
Million Program Era in an
International Context with
the architect Erik Stenberg

Saturday 23.9, 14:00
Guided tour of the current exhibitions
by host Arazo Arif

Saturday 9.9, 12:00–15:00
Saturday Drawing with Ylva Westerlund

1.6–24.9 2017
Last chance
The New Hird by Ylva Westerlund

Wednesdays–Sundays 12:00–17:00
Opening hours during summer

Wednesday 30.8, 19:00
Screening and conversation:
Metahaven & Goldin+Senneby

Thursday 1.6, 14:00
Artist presentation: Leonor Antunes

Saturday 10.6, 15:00
Artist presentation by Ylva Westerlund

Spring Dates

Tuesday 9.5, 18:00
Talk and screening:
Palestinian Cinema:
Solidarity Through Film

It is Not Necessary to
Understand Everything by Naeem Mohaiemen

Autonomy Cube by Trevor Paglen

Same Time Next Day
by Emily Fahlén & Ahmet Ögüt

Friday 5.5, 10:00–17:00
Contested Histories From El Complejo:
The Intersection Between Erasure and Remembrance

28.9 2016–25.3 2017
The Wrong Side of Me by Agnieszka Polska

Tuesday 7.3, 19:00
Lecture: Feminism in the suburbs
with Johanna Gullberg and
Nattalie Ström Bunpuckdee

Wednesday 22.3, 19:00
Last Man in Dhaka Central
(The Young Man Was, Part III)
by Naeem Mohaiemen

Saturday 25.3, 14:00
Artist talk by Trevor Paglen

Wednesday 1.2, 19:00
Artist presentation: Naeem Mohaiemen

Thursday, 2.2, 19:00
Lecture: Curating audio visual
cultural heritage: Thoughts on
diversity, archives, and memory
by Dagmar Brunow

Wednesday 25.1, 13:00
Artist presentation: Agnieszka Polska

20.10 2016–15.1 2017
Partisanism with Babi Badalov

20.10 2016–15.1

Homeland by Halil Altındere

Wednesday 11.1 2017, 14:00–18:00
Symposium: World of Matter; New Material

28.12–29.12, 13:00–16:00
Text workshop with the
poet and journalist Arazo Arif

Wednesday 14.12, 19:00
The artist’s archive by Matts Leiderstam

Thursday 10.11, 19:00
Presentation: Metabolism by curator Doreen Mende

Sunday 13.11, 14:00
Marie-Louise Ekman in conversation
with director Maria Lind

10.6–25.9 2016

Future Flourish by Ingela Ihrman

Wednesday 21.9, 19:00
Personal guided tour of Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm
With the artist Petra Bauer

Friday 23.9, 13:00
Personal guided tour of Future Flourish
With the artist Ingela Ihrman

Saturday 24.9, 15:00
Giant Utter Giving Birth by Ingela Ihrman

Onsdag 7.9, 13:00
Personal tour
Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss

Saturday 10.9, 15:00
A city walk in Tensta with Erik Stenberg

Wednesday 14.9, 19:00
Peter Weiss’s Life and Work: Documental Dreams by
author Magnus Bergh

Friday 16.9, 12:00
Artist tour
Please note, change of time
With Marion von Osten and Peter Spillmann

Saturday 17.9, 16:00
Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm – The Choreography
At Blå Huset in Tensta

Wednesday 7.9, 19:00
Lecture: Language in Exile: On Peter Weiss’s
authorship by Markus Huss

Wednesday 31.8, 18:00
Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss & Maryam Fanni

Friday–Saturday 2.9-3.9
Tensta market

8.12 2015–30.6 2016
I Miss You, I Miss You,
‘Till I Don’t Miss You Anymore
by Flaka Haliti

Friday 8.7, 14:00
A walk around the Järva field
with The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Friday 1.7, 13:00
Release: projects by summer workers

Wednesday 15.6, 19:00
Talk and plant demonstration: What thrives in the future? With the artist Ingela Ihrman and ethnobiologist Ingvar Svanberg

Thursday 16.6, 18:00
Presentation: How political was the dance? Professor Cecilia Roos in conversation with dancers Karin Thulin and Solweig Linde

Wednesday, 22.6, 17:00-20:00
Release: Article 14 with the People's Campaign for Right of asylum

Friday 10.6, 13:00
Artist tour by Ingela Ihrman

Saturday–Sunday, 11.6–12.6
Weekend Symposium:
Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm

Last Chance
8.12 2015–15.5 2016
Tensta Museum Continues
Laura Oldfield Ford

11.5, 12.5, 19:00
Magic Show: Goldin+Senneby
On a Long Enough Timeline the Survival Rate
for Everyone Drops to Zero at Cirkus Cirkör

Wednesday 4.5, 19:00
Council: Our institutional experimentations

Wednesday 27.4, 19:00
Screening: Monir
A documentary about the artist
Monir Farmanfarmaian

Wednesday, 20.4, 19:00
The Swedish Anti-apartheid
Aovement by Anita Jansson

Saturday 9.4, 15:00
Walk in Tensta
with architect Erik Stenberg

Wednesday 13.4, 19:00
Presentation: The Kurdish fight for freedom and
the female guerrilla as radical chic by
curator Övül Ö. Durmusoğlu

Wednesday 6.4, 19:00
Conversation: To find yourself in someone else:
Fashion as identity construction
with Behnaz Aram and Lisa Ehlin

Thursday 10.3, 17:00
Tensta konsthall visits Tempo Documentary Festival
Film screening:
In the Year of the Quiet Sun by The Otolith Group
Transmission from the Liberated Zones by Filipa César

Wednesday 23.3, 19:00
CuratorLab (Konstfack) project

Reality Production: A performative staging in three scenes
With Tai Shani, Luisa Ungar
and Isak Sundström

8.12 2015–26.2 2016
Tensta Museum at
Stockholm County Museum

Wednesday 17.2, 16:30
Saturday 20.2, 17:30
Film commissioned by Tensta konsthall
at Berlinale 2016
Transmission from the Liberated Zones
by Filipa César

Wednesday 27.1, 12:00
New Visions
Guided tour by the artists
Rana Begum, David Maljkovic, and Yelena Popova

Wednesday 10.2, 19:00
Book release and talk
Black Transparency by Metahaven

Sunday 17.1, 12:00–19:00
Bodies of Evidence at Tensta konsthall

10.10 2015–10.1 2016
Last chance
Liquidity Inc. by Hito Steyerl

Sunday 25.11, 12:00–15:00
Vegan brunch and Christmas market

Thursday 3.12, 19:00
Screening: The White Game (1968)

Wednesday 9.12, 19:00

Using the Camera as a Weapon and Testimony:
the Political Seventies. 
Solidarity Films
on TV 1967–75
 by Malin Wahlberg

Thursday 26.10, 15:00
Tour of Spånga church

Monday 23.11 and Tuesday 24.11, 9:00, 11:30, 14:00

School Film Screening with CinemAfrica

Thursday 26.11, 19:00
Group therapy about the digital life with Showww

Wednesday 4.11, 19:00
Africa South of Sahara – Emancipation/Liberation and Decolonization?
 by Anders Claréus

Wednesday 11.11, 19:00
A Nation’s Birth (1973) and Poetry of Anger (1978)

Wednesday 28.10, 14:00
Screening: Taikon

17.6–4.10 2015
Tensta Museum Continues
with Mats Adelman, Filipa César, Rehearsals,
Nina Svensson & Bernd Krauss och Adam Tensta

Monday 7.9, 19:00
LTTR: Open Lecture by Fanny Ambjörnsson
“When You Grow Up and Marry. On Age,
Heteronormativity and Gender”

Wednesday 19.8, 19:00
LTTR Walkthrough with
Karina Sarkissova and Ofelia Jarl Ortega

Art porch
Wed–Fri 1.7–31.7, 13:00–16:00

Thursday 13.8, 15:00
Guided tour at Eggeby Gård
with Mats Larsell

Thursday 30.7, 15:00
Art and Literature walk in Tensta

Wednesday 5.8, 18:00
LTTR Walkthrough with Renate Lorenz

Saturday 6.6, 14:00
LTTR Walkthrough with
Trifa Shakely and Matts Leiderstam

11.2–3.5 2015
Last chance
Frederick Kiesler: Visions at Work
Annotated by Céline Condorelli
and Six Student Groups

Wednesday 29.4, 19:00
Clémentine Deliss: Collecting life’s unknowns
What Does an Exhibition Do?

Saturday 2.5, 13:00
Jam-session and consert
de:tune Järva

Saturday 25.4, 13:00–16:00
Tea and Coffee Salon
with Women's Center in Tensta-Hjulsta

Wednesday 15.4, 15:00
Student presentation: Talk Show
Mejan Arc, Royal Institute of Art

Thursday 16.4, 16:00
Student presentation: Screening
CuratorLab, Konstfack
How to Live?
of Andrea Zittel’s lecture
on Frederick Kiesler

Sunday 19.4 15:00
Book Release
Eurafrica - Europe's Colonial Roots

Monday 23.3, 18:00
de:tune Järva: Lecture
Music of the Future – a crackdown in sound art
and the development of electronic music

Wednesday 25.3, 12:00
Frederick Kiesler: Visions at Work
Student presentation: KTH School of Architechture

Friday 6.3, 12:00
collective-conversations with Ricardo Basbaum

Saturday 28.2, 13:00
Book release
Hästa Gård: A Farmhouse on the Countryside in the City
by Erik Sjödin

Tuesday 17.2, 15:00–16:30
Student presentation: Valentina Sansone
CuratorLab, Konsfack
Lecture on Endless House by Florian Medicus
Skype introduction by artist Ian Kiaer

Saturday 10.1, 15:00
Lars Bang Larsen: Childhood's End

2.1–4.1, 12:00–16:00
Writing workshop over the Christmas holiday
with Maja Andreasson

Wednesday 17.12, 18:30
Book release
Phantom of Liberty: Contemporary Art
and the Pedagogical Paradox

Friday 12.12, 12:30
Lunch talk about feminism, art and internet

Wednesday 22.10, 18.30
The New Model – A conversation between Gunilla Lundahl, Ane Hjort Guttu and Dave Hullfish Bailey

11.6–28.9 2014
META and regina: Two (Magazine) Sisters in Crime

11.6–28.9 2014
The Miracle in Tensta (Theoria) by Magnus Bärtås

11.6-28.9 2014
The Paths to the Common(s) are Infinite
by Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri

Opening hours during summer

Wednesday 17.9, 18:30
Book release Cluster: Dialectionary 
presentation by Andrea Phillip

Wednesday 10.9, 18:30
Magnus Bärtås invites Lena Séraphin, Suzana Milevska and Michelle Teran

Wednesday 27.8, 18:30
Conversation about Igor Dergalin with Ulf Melander
and Maria Lind

Wednesday 20.8, 17:00
Magnus Bärtås will introduce The Miracle in Tensta (Theoria)

Wednesday 20.8, 18:30
About The New Model with Magnus Bärtås
& Gunilla Lundahl

Wednesday 13.8, 18:00–20:00
Reading regina

Sunday 6.7, 14.00
The Paths to the Common(s) Are Infinite – Palestine

1.8–3.8 2014
Stockholm Music and Arts
Do It Together

Thursday 12.6, 14:00
Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri introduces
The Paths to the Common(s) are Infinite

TAF! – Photography workshop

Tuesday 20.5, 15:00–16.30
Tensta Museum: Reading
The Grand Domestic Revolution Goes On…

On View
Last chance
Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden

18.1–18.5 2014
Tensta Museum: This Spring´s Program

Saturday and Sunday 17.5–18.5
Bostadsvrålet: National Housing Policy Forum

Tensta Museum: Artoteket
Borrow art at the Library

Tuesday 13.5, 13:00–15:00
Tensta Museum: Workshop
Object of Study: The Grand Domestic Revolution continues...

Wednesday 14.5, 18:30–20:00
Tensta Museum: Presentation by Tone Olaf Nielsen
Object of Study: The Grand Domestic Revolution Goes On…

Friday 16.5, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Art and Literature walk

Friday 16.5, 17:30
Tensta Museum: Fish migration and inauguration with The Järva Project

Tuesday 29.4, 17:45–18:45
Tensta Museum: Screening BSB – Bland svartskallar och blekfisar at Ross Tensta gymnasium

Thursday 8.5, 18:00
Tensta Museum: Aktion Arkiv
The Struggle for space

Friday 9.5, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Walk in Tensta with archeologist Barbro Århem

Sunday 27.4, 14:00–17:00
Tensta Museum: Kurdish Sunday Poetry
with Kurdish Association Spånga

Sunday 27.4, 14:00–18:00
Tensta Museum: Aktion Arkiv 2 at Glömmingegränd

Wednesday 16.4, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Heidrun Holzfeind and Marwa Arsanios

Lördag 26.4, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Architect Erik Stenberg shows apartments in Tensta

Wednesday 9.4, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Lecture
Irene Molina on segregation processes in Sweden

Thursday 10.4, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Guided tour
of Spånga church

Sunday 6.4, 14:00
Tensta Museum: Talk on the book Förortshat

Saturday 29.3, 15:00
Tensta Musuem: Artist Talk
Marion von Osten

Wednesday 26.3, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Tensta before
the Million Dwelling Programme
with Spånga Local Heritage Society

Thursday 20.3, 18.30
Tensta Museum: Screening
The Stuart Hall Project by John Akomfrah

Sunday 16.3, 14:00
Tensta Musuem: Lecture
Lisa Kings & Zhanna Kravchenko

Wednesday 5.3, 17:30–19:30
Tensta Museum: Witness seminar
Aktion Akriv

Sunday 9.3, 14:00
Tensta Museum: Seminar
Art and asylum rights activism

Wednesday 26.2 16:30–19:00
Tensta Museum: Opening of Artoteket
at Tensta Library

Wednesday 19.2, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Talk
Brita Landoff about the film BSB – Bland svartskallar och blekfisar

Sunday 2.3, 14.00
Tensta Museum: Presentation
Artist Behzad Khosravi Noori

Saturday 22.2, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Presentation
Helena Mattsson, Meike Schalk and Sara Brolund de Carvalho about Aktion Arkiv

Sunday 23.2, 14:00
Tensta Museum: Lecture
Rohat Alakom – When Sweden became the land of the Kurds

Wednesday 12.2, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Lecture by Tom Avermaete on norms of public spaces

Saturday 15.2, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Tour of Tensta subway station

Wednesday 5.2, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Lecture by the urban historian Håkan Forsell

Wednesday 22.1, 18.30
Tensta Museum:
Students from The Royal Institute of Technology in Tensta present their project

Saturday 8.2, 12:30
Tensta Museum: Architect Erik Stenberg shows his rebuilt Tensta apartments

Sunday 9.2, 14:00
Tensta Museum: Listening and watching session with Urban Re-Mix and professor Peter Lang

Friday, 31.1, 18:00
Tensta Museum: Sound artist Tarek Atoui is looking for musicians in the Järva area

Saturday 1.2, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Artist Peter Geschwind presents Time Space Shuttle (Apollo Pavilion)

Sunday 2.2, 14:00
Tensta Museum: Lecture by architect Ylva Larsson

Thursday 23.1, 15:00
Tensta Museum:
Guided tour Spånga Church

Saturday, 18.1, 14:00–17:00
Tensta Museum: Inauguration of
Spring Department

Sunday 19.1, 13:00
Tensta Museum: Artist Talk

26.10 2013-18.5 2014
Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden

4.1–5.1 2014 12:00–15:00
Drawing Workshop on Christmas holiday

Saturday 21.12, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Director Maria Lind about the interest of contemporary art in late modern housing projects

Wednesday 11.12, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Terence Gower

Saturday 14.12, 12:00–17:00
Tensta Museum: Talk with The Järva Project
and Salon Tensta

Söndag 15.12, 14:00
Tensta Museum: Screening
documentary about Amin Amir

Saturday 7.12 12:00–17:00
Tensta Museum: Christmas market with the Women’s Centre in Tensta Hjulsta. 15.00 Petra Bauer and Sofia Wiberg talk about their project

Sunday 1.12, 14:00
Tensta Museum: Lecture
Everyday scenes in watercolour

Wednesday 27.11, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Dialogue between Groruddalen in Oslo and Järva Field in Stockholm

Saturday 30.11, 13:00
Tensta Museum: Seminar
Structures of Race – Voices from the Present

Saturday 23.11, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Presentation
Talk with artist Thomas Elovsson about his and Peter Geschwind's installation Time-Space Shuttle (Apollo Pavilion)

Wednesday 20.11, 18:30
Tensta Museum: Salon Tensta
Workshop with Tanja Tuurala

Thursday 21.11, 15:00
Tensta Museum: Guided Tour
Spånga church

Sunday 17.11, 14:00
Talk about the history of Kurds in Sweden with the Kurdish Association

Wednesday, 13.11, 18:00–21:00
Witness seminar about Tensta’s childhood
Participants: Bo Werner, Lilian Larsell, Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado, Mats Hulth

Saturday 16.11, 15.00
Film about and tour of Tensta subway by Helga Henschen
With Babis Tsokas and Friends of Helga Henschen

Saturday 9.11, 13.00
Tensta walk with architect Erik Stenberg

Sunday 10.11, 14:00
Sonja Vidén on The Million Dwelling Programme

Wednesday 6.11, 18:30
Irene Molina about segregation processes in Sweden

Sunday 3.11, 14:00
Family Sunday – on the image of Somalia

28.9, 14:00
Reverberation: A videoportrait of Megafonen

Last week
Iman Issa

14.9, 14:30
Free concert
Linda Pira and Dj Salla

Last week
Bernd Krauss
We continue BBDG

22.9, 14:00–16:00
Book release
No Is Not an Answer
Marie-Louise Ekman

25.9, 18:30
Book release
Undoing Property?

Deadline 11.9
Salon Tensta
open call with a jury

28.8, 18:30
Anna Lundh
Lecture performance

This year's art camp at Lava

Friday 2.8
Where did she go?
The visual arts program at the Stockholm Music & Arts.

Wednesday 26.6
Art Camp artists in conversation: Filippa Arrias and Stefan Petersson

Closed for holidays Thursday 26.5 2022

26.5 2022 Closed due to Swedish holiday
27.5 OPEN 11 - 17
28.5 OPEN 12 - 17
29.5 OPEN 12 - 17


Closed May 20-22

The weekend May 20-22 we are closed due to a visit to Messaure and Gallok which is part of our series A Different Look at...See below. Tensta konsthall opens again May 24 at 11.


May 1 - We are closed

May 1 - We are closed. Tensta konsthall opens again on Tuesday 3rd at 11. Also open Saturday 30.4 12 - 5PM. Welcome!


A Different look at...Frescati

11.5 5 2022 - 7:30PM A Different Look at… Frescati
In the area around Stockholm University we are looking for traces of scientists and colonisers but also for centuries of Sámi presence. We welcome you to participate in a performative walk with artist Hanni Kamaly, curator student Lina Aastrup and archeologist Jonas Monié Nordin, Stockholm University. Artist Malin Lin Nordström contributes a sound piece.
A Different Look at… Frescati. A Performative Walk in Two Acts
If we look around, what do we see? What do the monuments and the places surrounding the university tell us? When were the monuments erected, why and by whom? How were the places named, what do they say to us today?


Higher seminar and the book launch of Refugee Heritage by DAAR

24.5 2022 2 - 5PM Higher seminar and the book launch of Refugee Heritage by DAAR

The Royal Institute of Art and Tensta konsthall are inviting you to a higher seminar and the book launch of Refugee Heritage by DAAR – Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, on May 24, 2–5 pm at Tensta konsthall within the frame of the group exhibition Hurting and Healing: Let’s Imagine a Different Heritage.
Starting from the book-dossier and the installation Refugee Heritage at Tensta konsthall, the seminar will revolve around the following fundamental questions: who has the right to define what constitutes heritage? How can modernist and patriarchal conception of heritage be challenged? Are there other forms of heritage outside the nation-state that include all the people who belong to more than one place simultaneously?


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